Sell a Property

Our choice is to assure you an accurate estimation and it is with a very particular care that we study each of your "nuggets", because each property is unique.

Our experience
Knowledge of the real-estate markets

Our experience is based on our knowledge of the Pyrénées Orientales and Aude markets.

Period properties, villas, castles, charming apartments… Our aim is to provide you with the most accurate valuation and it is with great care that we study each of your “gems”, because every property is unique.

We are aware of the rarity of the property you entrust to us and of its history. It is in this sense that it is essential for your team to listen to you, the sellers.

Our internal legal department

We have chosen to have our own legal department within the agency. The preliminary sale agreement is the first deed that commits both parties of the sale. Known as a pre-contract, as it prepares the final exchange. As each sale is different, we offer you made to measure drafting.

Own Magazines

We publish our own magazines, the quality of which aims to promote the prestigious image of each of the properties presented. Additionally, we use several renowned media in France and around the world to advertise the properties entrusted to us.